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Orved LogoSince 1984 we have been disseminating the culture of sous vide around the world. We do this with cutting-edge ideas, which translate into an ever wider range of products dedicated to preservation, food processing and sous-vide cooking. The Orved Evox Vacuum Packing machines are the culmination of of over thirty years of development.

Over more than thirty years we have found the perfect balance between three elements: solid know-how, determination to achieve goals and passion, the driving force of our success.

All our machines are designed and made in Italy, combining a patented technology with an elegant and innovative design. At our laboratory, engineers and chefs work side by side to develop highly functional and aesthetically appealing solutions.

Orved Evox Vacuum Packing Machines

Since 2004, unique in the market of vacuum packers, Orved has embraced the philosophy of total safety of its electric driven products: worldwide, machine compliance is verified according to the
IEC / EN 60335 safety standard (CB Report form) by accredited third party laboratories such as Intertek, Nemko, and TUV.

Orved Evox Vacuum Packing Machines

Simple, user friendly interface

Evox 25 / 30 – Just 4 keys to run the cycles, no need to set or program the parameters such as vacuum and sealing levels. Plug and play!

Evox 31 Hi-Line – although inert gas injection and “chef cycles” are present, it is not necessary to program parameters. Just press a button, the machine does everything by itself and completes the cycle

Evox 31 Hi-Line sets new standards in modern kitchens. Set the program and go! No need to stay in front of the machine while a ‘chef-cycle’ is running:

  • Packaging of sauces
  • Marinating in bags
  • Infusions and flavours extraction
  • Mussels & Clams cleaning
  • Marinating in containers
  • Vacuum for Jars(MIN, MED, MAX)

Clever, smart technical solutions

Vacuum chamber – the first and only vacuum chamber in technipolymer. A revolution in vacuum packer industry. Made by thermoplastic moulding, the material is a special structural engineering polymer with a high content of glass fiber, which confers high mechanical resistance and resistance to chemical agents, too. The chamber  incorporates the pistons for lifting the sealing bar.

This technipolymer is certified according to the US FDA- regulation and is self-extinguishing to match the UL197 requirements.

Lid – In transparent and curved tempered glass, 8 mm thick, externally coated with a 100μ safety film. In addition to being unalterable over time, tempered glass, with the same thickness, has exceptional mechanical characteristics: an elastic modulus 36 times greater than that of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate, aka Plexiglas) provide an idea in this regard. The externally coated 100μ safety film prevents splinter projections in case of implosion and and increases the mechanical strength of the lid by a further 15%.

Hinges – A “smart” system, taken up by the household appliance sector, in which Orved is present since 2007 with brands such as Whirlpool / Kitchen Aid: these are self-balancing hinges, inserted inside an extruded chromed aluminium cover holder profile, designed by Orved , which replaces the traditional devices equipped with gas springs. The lid remains in the open position without lowering thanks to the self-balancing hinges.

Sealing bars – Three different models, with useful clip clips for the flagship model Evox 31 Hi-Line. They are made of self-extinguishing technopolymers resistant up to 230 ° C, according to UL197 requirements and they can all be removed from the vacuum chamber with a simple… move.

Vacuum sensor – the whole Evox range is fitted with an absolute type vacuum sensor, which allows to manage the cycles with maximum precision and maximum efficiency: the cycle time is
always optimized based on the volume of the inserted product and – being of an absolute type – it is insensitive to the variation of atmospheric pressure.

Easy maintenance, lower costs – the most beautiful machine in the world becomes ugly, if maintenance becomes complicated and expensive. In designing its machines, Orved has always paid
great attention to this fundamental aspect. New customers are earned with efficient and innovative products, but they will become loyal to the brand only with a fast and efficient after-sales

The Evox Range of Vacuum Packing Machines:


Evox 30 Hi-LineOrved Evox 31 Hi-Line

  • Pump Speed – 12 m³/h
  • Sealing Bar width – 310 mm
  • Power – 230v/50Hz/1ph – 750 w
  • Dimensions – 495 (w) x 677 (d) x 288 (h) mm

Download the spec sheet here >>>



Evox 30Orved Evox 30

  • Pump Speed – 8 or 12 m³/h
  • Sealing Bar width – 310 mm
  • Power – 230v/50Hz/1ph – 530/750 w
  • Dimensions – 495 (w) x 627 (d) x 288 (h) mm

Evox30-8 Download the spec sheet here >>>

Evox30-12 Download the spec sheet here >>>



Evox 25Orved Evox 25

  • Pump Speed – 4 m³/h
  • Sealing Bar width – 260 mm
  • Power – 230v/50Hz/1ph – 300 w
  • Dimensions – 444 (w) x 482 (d) x 208 (h) mm

Download the spec sheet here >>>



Evox 25hOrved Evox 25h

  • Pump Speed – 8 m³/h
  • Sealing Bar width – 260 mm
  • Power – 230v/50Hz/1ph – 515 w
  • Dimensions – 444 (w) x 482 (d) x 271 (h) mm

Download the spec sheet here >>>


Technical Download – Orved Evox Range

Download the full technical details of our range of Evox Vacuum Packing machines (zip file) – DOWNLOAD HERE >>>


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