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Friulinox is a manufacturing company that has research and development laboratories as well as industrial plants at which it designs, manufactures and services a range of professional equipment for storage and refrigeration.

Since 1972, Friulinox has been synonymous with quality and reliability: the professional market recognises in Friulinox the ability to innovate and to produce reliable and efficient systems.

Friulinox Blast Chillers & Freezers

GO Blast Chillers & Freezers

The GO series of blast chillers are easy to use and allows for the chilling or freezing of the product both by time (and therefore in the 90′ or 240′ required by the HACCP standards) and via control of the temperature at the product core by means of the needle probe.

When using the probe control, the user will not have to worry about which cycle to choose to achieve optimal chilling or freezing as the probe and the software developed by Friulinox will take the product to the required temperature while retaining the original characteristics.

The new PRE-COOLING function with dedicated key improves performance and reduces the chilling time.

Custom cooling cycles can be created making it possible to store the cycle that’s just been completed. The user can call up the program whenever they need to repeat chilling or freezing of the product previously worked.

The GO blast chiller has a heated probe as standard in the freezing version.

The ‘Chilly’ Blast Freezer

Friulinox CF031AG

Friulinox – CF031AG

Download the spec sheet here >>>


The ‘GO’ Range of Blast Chillers/Freezers

Friulinox BF051AG

Friulinox – BF051AG

Download the spec sheet here >>>


Friulinox BF081AG

Friulinox – BF081AG

Download the spec sheet here >>>


Friulinox BF121AG

Friulinox – BF121AG

Download the spec sheet here >>>


Friulinox BF161AG

Friulinox – BF161AG

Download the spec sheet here >>>



Technical Download

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