HTG Trading Ltd - Meet the Team

Simon Aspin - Managing Director, HTG Trading Ltd

Simon Aspin

Chief Executive, HTG Trading Ltd

Simon Aspin has enormous experience in foodservice equipment, having worked with many of the industry’s top brands.

After studying marketing, he became Marketing Manager at Williams Refrigeration, part of the Ali Group, in 1998. From there he moved to dishwasher specialist Winterhalter, where he headed both the marketing and servicing departments. Subsequently he took on management roles with Dawson MMP and then Hobart UK Service, where he was Sales and Marketing Manager, before joining Hubbard Systems as Commercial Director in 2013.

Following the retirement of Martin Wood at the end of 2017, Simon has moved to the position of Managing Director of HTG Trading whist still maintaining the Hubbard Systems side of the HTG group.

Simon is both a leader and a team player. His ability to develop highly effective sales and marketing strategies is based on a combination of insight, know-how and the individual style he brings to his role. Under his direction the Scotsman brand has undergone a dramatic growth in both sales and profile in the UK.

Pete Gray

Pete Gray

Managing Director, Taylor UK

Pete Gray is a Taylor UK man through and through, having experienced every level of the business from the inside. He joined the company in 2000, as Area Sales Manager, rising to National Group Account Manager, National Sales Manager, then Sales Director. He was appointed Commercial Director in August 2013.

Following the retirement of Martin Wood at the end of 2017, Pete has moved to the position of Managing Director of the Taylor UK side of the business.

During his time Pete has played a key role in Taylor’s development from a one-brand division (Taylor) into a multi-product supplier with partners including ISA, TurboChef, Frigomat and Prática.

He started his working life running banqueting facilities and restaurants for Trust House Forte before switching to the automotive industry with brands including Honda, Alfa Romeo and Vauxhall.

It’s a career path that’s given Pete an in-depth understanding of operations, management, sales and marketing. It’s also helped him develop a highly successful business strategy that focuses on understanding buying decisions at every level, ensuring that Taylor can quickly adjust its proposition to accommodate each customer’s needs.

Taylor UK has flourished under Pete’s direction, both through expansion of its business portfolio and bottom-line growth.

Martin Wood

Martin Wood

Group Non-Executive Chairman, HTG Trading Ltd

Non-Executive Chairman, Martin Wood joined HTG Trading in 1999. He has worked in food manufacturing, property, capital equipment and the service aftercare sector, in a variety of business structures, including a multi-national FTSE100 PLC, a large private group and a Private Equity-backed buy-in.

Martin has over 20 years’ experience in chief executive and managing director roles. As well as developing and implementing successful growth strategies, he has a complete understanding of controlling complex businesses. He’s led largescale integration and restructuring programmes and “turn arounds”, and has negotiated acquisitions, disposals and other major commercial contracts, in the UK and overseas.

As Chief Executive Martin was responsible for all aspects of HTG Trading’s business, from day-to- day management to conceiving and implementing strategy. He has overseen the transformation of the company, achieving dynamic growth: in 2015 turnover was just over £16 million.

Martin took the decision to retire from the day to day business at the end of 2017 taking the role of Non-Executive Chairman during his transition from the business in 2018.